Week One – Day 5




In Genesis, God established a weekly day for rest and worship.   Jesus states that this day was made to be a blessing to man and not a set of legalistic rules (Mark 2:27).  Take some time today to rest, to worship God, and enjoy His blessings.

It has been said that if you feel thirsty, then your body is already dehydrated. This occurs when more water moves out of our bodies than we have taken in. Every minute of our lives we are losing water and if not addressed, severe dehydration can lead to death.

The same can be said of us spiritually. Simply put – we leak.

Over time, if we are not spending time with the Lord through prayer, Bible reading, personal worship, fellowship, and accountability, our lives become parched and our souls become brittle and dry.

Jesus states that if anyone is thirsty, they should come to Him! That anyone who believes in Him should come and drink! (John 7).

A key to spiritual growth is learning to satisfy our spiritual dryness regularly in God. The foremost treatment for dehydration is always prevention. We must be proactive in anticipating our need for increased intake. Too many people wait until life is overwhelming and then they run desperately to the well.  Mature believers know that life will be challenging, so they plan ahead by taking extra in before a crisis occurs.   As their cup overflows daily, their reservoir is full and others get splashed with a blessing.

Prayer focus:

Pray that you will become thirsty for God. Pray that He will help you during this season to develop a spiritual habit of time with Him so as to prevent spiritual dehydration.

Key Scripture:

“As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. I thirst for God, the living God.”    Psalm 42:1-2

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