Week Six – Day 3


TODAY’S FAST – Disciple’s or Jewish Fast  (Consume only liquid or broth between 8 am – 6 pm)


It’s a rather simple word: “again.”  But in the context of Psalm 85:6 it becomes an incredibly powerful force in bolstering the confidence of Christians in their approach to God.  Without that word, the verse would simply read, “Will you not revive us?”  But add the word “again,” and the fuller picture emerges.  This is not the first time the author has had to go to God for forgiveness.  This is the very human, very humble prayer that confesses failure has seeped in, “again,” and God is once more needed to clean things up.  Ever been there?

Making this psalm all the more potent is the realization of the author’s identity in the opening verse: a descendant in the line of the “Sons of Korah.”  Korah was the one made famous for leading the rebellion against Moses while the Israelites were being delivered out of Egypt (Numbers 16).  Not content with his place as a God-appointed priest, Korah wanted to challenge Moses for leadership and, as a result, was struck down by God along with his followers.  The result is that the name “Korah” in the Scriptures is synonymous with “rebellion.”  Add this to the prayer in Psalm 85:6.  Not only has the writer sinned “again” against God, but their very name implies they should know better.

This is why Psalm 85:6 is so powerfully used when churches go through times of revival.  When we find that we have fallen into a lethargic state marked by the return of sinful habits, God is the One we turn to.  His grace and forgiveness do not mean we won’t experience the consequences first, but as we see in Psalm 85, He can still be approached and He will still forgive.

Prayer focus:

God, revive us again. Bring revival to our churches. May we get real about our relationship with You. Move in our community. Use Your people to influence our government. Bring healing and hope to a lost and broken world. Lord, revive us again and begin in my heart.

Key Scripture:

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”         Psalm 85:6 NIV

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