Week Three – Day 7




This text comes from a section of the Book of Proverbs that paints a startling, eye-popping contrast between the experiences of the wicked and the righteous. In areas of thought, speech, standing and reputation, God reveals that evil people fare very differently from godly people.

People who continually think evil thoughts or who constantly engage in wicked speech eventually pay a very high price for that lifestyle. Proverbs 12:7 informs us specifically that those who, with an unrepentant spirit, regularly practice evil will perish and disappear. In other words, any gain they hope to receive from such deceitful practices is short-lived and temporary. Even worse, their very lives will be taken from them.

Contrast that result to the delightful blessings that flow to those who live godly lives. Proverbs 12:7 tells us that not only is the individual who pursues a righteous lifestyle favored and blessed, but his entire family is honored by God. God declares that the entire family of the righteous person shall stand, live on and prosper. Imagine! God promises to multiply the goodness from one godly parent or from one godly child and apply it across the entire family.  What a powerful motivation for godliness in the home!


Key Scripture:

“The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous stands firm.”
Proverbs 12:7 NIV

Prayer Focus:

Father, establish my house in your righteousness. Help me to trust in your strength and love so that I would not face life with worry but with holy confidence. Help my family to walk in your righteousness, fleeing from sin, and loving what is good, pure, and right. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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