Week Two – Day 3


TODAY’S FAST – Daniel Fast (Fruits, vegetable, nuts and water only)


Read Daniel 6

As we continue this week in fasting and praying for boldness, let us consider the Bible story of Daniel and the lions’ den.  In this chapter we are quickly reminded of the integrity and unflinching character of Daniel (v. 4). The name Daniel in Hebrew means “God is my judge.” The name was well suited for Daniel as he lived his life with an undeniable affirmation that God is the ultimate and final authority among men.  He spoke often with unquestionable confidence of God’s sovereignty over governments, as he states that kings were given into the hands of other kings at the will of God (1:2, 2:21, 37; 4:17b; 5:18).  Therefore when the satraps of Darius set traps for Daniel, they focused on establishing conflict between the laws of God and the laws of King Darius (v. 5). They knew that under difficult circumstances Daniel wouldn’t hesitate to obey God.  The text says that upon hearing the decree, Daniel deliberately went home and prayed openly in defiance to this edict. Daniel recognized that although man’s proclamations may be legal it doesn’t necessarily make them moral. This bold deference toward God’s morals over man’s legislation is found elsewhere in Scripture and esteemed in God’s Word (see Ex.1:17; Acts 4:19-20).

It would have been so easy to pray in secret for thirty days.  By altering his pattern of prayer, Daniel would not have changed who God is, nor would it have affected Daniel’s position of leadership.  However, if Daniel had changed his pattern of prayer to avoid conflict, it could have easily changed the opposition’s perception of Daniel’s faith in the sovereign God he proclaimed. You can’t have boldness and compromise your faith at the same time.  Darius describes Daniel as a servant who “serves God continuously,” not just when it’s convenient.

Prayer Focus: 

 Pray for God to burden your heart for the lost as His heart is burdened for the lost.

Key Verse:

“So Daniel prospered during the reign of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian.”
Daniel 6:28 NIV

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