Why Forty Days?

Change takes time and steady diligence always pays off. Your life cycle and personal habits will not be fixed overnight. ReDIRECT is designed for forty days because this period often represents cleansing and purification throughout Scripture. The great flood of Noah’s day took forty days to cleanse the earth of wickedness and sin. Moses fasted forty days twice: when he received the Ten commandments and when he was interceding for the sins of Israel. Jonah gave the city of Nineveh forty days to repent before God’s judgment. Elijah went forty days to begin His ministry in power, miracles, and great authority. Forty days is the perfect season of time – long enough to produce lasting change but short enough to be attainable for all!

Why Fasting?

Biblical fasting is a tool given by God in order for us to receive spiritual breakthrough, deliverance from addictions and habitual sins, and to discover the blessing of wholeness. Fasting brings great physical and spiritual benefits.

Fasting brings mental clarity, an increase in energy level, better sleep patterns, the rejuvenation of your digestive system, emotional stability, and a newfound ability to control one’s appetite.

As we refrain from food and other distractions for spiritual purposes, we are better able to focus on prayer, spiritual growth, and our relationship with God. As we ReDIRECT the natural and physical, we invoke the supernatural by hungering more for His presence. Fasting is an avenue to assist you on that journey.


How Do You Prepare?

  • Establish a place and time where you can pray. Prayer is critical during the fast to break through and hear what the Lord is saying to you.
  • Journal to keep track of your journey. You will rejoice years from now to see what amazing things have come to pass.
  • Remember that closeness with the Lord is your goal, and fasting is a method to reach your goal.
  • Refrain from critical speaking and spreading negative words about or to anybody else.
  • Have your favorite worship music available and spend time worshipping often.
  • Establish some sort of accountability during the fast, either with someone who is fasting with you, or a prayer partner.
  • Commit to living as pure as possible by avoiding anything that could hinder your journey towards God, health, and wholeness.
  • Remember, if the fast doesn’t mean anything to you, it won’t mean anything to God. Without being combined with prayer, the Word, and worship, fasting is little more than dieting.

Fasting itself is a continual prayer before God. There may be days when heaven opens and your heart is prompted to deep times of prayer. But, there may be other days when your energy is sapped and you just cannot seem to focus on prayer at all. Don’t condemn yourself. God sees your sacrifice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make adjustments to ReDIRECT?

ReDIRECT is designed to be a private discipline. It should be your personal steps towards God. Therefore, it is between you and God what you sacrifice. It is more important that you take new steps toward God than completing your daily check points. However, don’t take the easy way out. ReDIRECT is very doable by people of all backgrounds, health, and personal history.

What if I have health issues?

You should consult your doctor before starting any fast. If your health or medicine requirements prohibit you from fasting food, try fasting something else, or adjust the fast to your need. Remember that ReDIRECT is about spending time in prayer, worship, and Bible study, not just avoiding food.

Can children participate in ReDIRECT?

The best way for children to learn about fasting is to see it modeled by their parents. However, if your child would like to participate, you should encourage them to, but not require it. The only exception would be the week of the media fast, as spending time with your family is key to this fast.

What if I  miss a day?

Every time we attempt to move deeper in our relationship with God, we can expect strong opposition. Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. There may be days where the ReDIRECT eating goal may not be possible because of business, family, or special events. Do your best, plan ahead, and push hard. If you fall during the journey, simply pick up where you left off. Do not allow this journey to become legalistic. The ultimate goal is to grow closer to God.


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